24 Apr 2014

An orchestra in his mouth

Licks: to give or not give

The above video has made the news in Trinidad and Tobago, triggering the long running debate on corporal punishment to start afresh.

The gist of the video is this: The mom caught her 12 years old daughter posing in her underwear and posting the photos on Facebook. Mom is wrathful, and took matters into her own hands… literally as you can see.

So, back to the story… mom is ‘ready to make a jail’ for her actions as she thinks the beating has taught her daughter a valuable lesson. For me personally, the debate isn’t whether corporal punishment is right or wrong, but where does it cross the line into abuse. Did it in this instance? I think so. Although no lasting damage was done physically, and I think mentally the lesson was taught and received, do I condone the beating? No. I don’t. It went on too long, and the lesson could just as well have been received with less ‘blows’.

However, I’m not the parent, and I can’t say what I would have done in that situation. My other thought is that the mother is clearly in control of her actions, and has not been ‘out of control’ over the beating the child received.

I’ve been angry enough with Punks many a time, yes, angry enough to feel the urge to ‘put a slap’ on her, yet I’ve never done so. I’ve been able to control myself, but then again, I’ve had support from Punks’ rather large extended family in raising her, and she has a mom and dad who are very much pro-active in her life. Not all children are so lucky (and I’m going to use this video as a teaching tool today when Punks comes over!). This daughter clearly isn’t as lucky.

Amid the chorus of condemnation, Bartlett said she was yet to hear from the child’s father—a police­man.

Asked if there was any communication between the child and her father, Bartlett said: “He is blatantly telling her he does not want to have anything to do with her. She just has this attachment to her dad. I believe she started acting out after the separation. She was very close to him. After the separation, that is when the problem started.”

Once more, the situation of an absentee father (a police duncey no less!) and the mother struggling and at her wits end to cope with life and raising her daughters to become productive members of society. Who are we to judge?

12 Apr 2014

Fifteen observations on stupid statements and stupid people.

Having reflected on another of Kevin's brilliant editorials I wish to add my own observations:

  1. Stupid statements are generated more often than not by stupid people.
  2. Seemingly intelligent people are also capable of generating stupid statements.
  3. Rocks, bricks, sticks, stones and lower forms of animal life cannot be expected to generate stupid statements.
  4. Stupid statements are therefore necessarily human-generated.
  5. Stupid statements can be expected to exceed the number of stupid people in existence.
  6. Stupid statements tend to accumulate over time even after stupid people have departed to another world. 
  7. The number of stupid statements generated by stupid people depends primarily but not exclusively on their stupidity quotient and the stupidity of their audience.
  8. Stupidity quotient can be functions of both high and low IQ, and political status. 
  9. Stupidity can be multifactorial.
  10. Stupid people tend not to know they are stupid, or how stupid they are.
  11. Little self-restraint can therefore be expected to come from stupid-people generating stupid statements.
  12. Stupid people tend to be oversensitive, impulsive and over-reactive and to call those who are wise ‘arrogant’ (and other defamatory adjectives/or adjectival phases).
  13. Stupid people tend to use the same stupid logic they use, to argue away their stupidity and in so doing tend to generate even more stupid statements.
  14. Stupidity seriously endangers the survival of the human race.
  15. Stupidity of dead people also endangers the survival of the human race.

4 Apr 2014

Hitler reacting to PP winning elections

This has to be one of the most hilarious videos I’ve ever seen… the subtitled words are so funny. The sad part is, they are made funnier by the ring of truth they carry! Not to mention the passion displayed by the actor, completely in sync with the words.

31 Mar 2014

Ah Deputy Essential

As Penguin (calypsonian) said, “Ah deputy essential”… and Chandresh Sharma is the latest MP/politician whose transgressions have been aired out in the open.

Sharma, married and father of 4 with his legal wife, had an extra-marital affair with one Sacha Singh, a Piarco business-woman who coincidently, was an ex-Miss Trinidad and Tobago contestant.

What appears to be yet a third extra-marital affair, with another woman and which resulted in a 12 years old child, was discovered by Ms Singh. When confronted with the ‘evidence’, Sharma went a little ballistic, as he is wont to do… (remember those car accidents where he slapped the other party?).

Ms Singh rightly made a report to the police.

But the point I want to make is this… is Sharma supporting his ‘outside’ child, or is he, like one former actor/MP, relying on the State to provide ‘Public Assistance’ for the object of his indiscretion? Is this ‘Good Brahmin Boy’ spending quality time and providing the love and attention his child needs?

On the other hand, ah have to ask Sacha Singh, what the hell she saw in Sharma? Not only is he ugly on the outside, the inside seem rotten to the core. He is also nearly twice her age, although he looks a hell of a lot older than the 54 he actually is.

It seems Jumbie’s First Law strikes again.