4 Oct 2015

Important insight into Slavery: Eric Williams and CLR James now valued.

All on and off the Rock need to listen and contemplate the issues in this video. And all this is just a starting point, for deep thinkers.

Rock-crawlers need to think much harder about their current situations in the context of what happened and where they are going. If you have something of greater importance to do - then leave this alone. If you want to take a quick peak get to the 6 min mark. Questions and discussion come at 29 min mark.

What are the enduring effects of slavery on today's culture and mind sets? None? I don't think so!

Book: Capitalism and Slavery by Eric Williams

22 Sep 2015

What sweet in goat mout', does sour in dey...

Having read the speech made by Kamla Persad-Bissessar on the occasion of her being sworn in as the Opposition Leader, I have to confess, I cannot see how this woman could be described as intelligent or highly qualified. As the old folks would say, "she might have book sense and degree and ting, buh she eh larn nothing!"

As an obviously unqualified SC, she seems not to understand the Rule of Law, and the Constitution, despite  bleating about both in her speech. Section 71 (8) of the Constitution says plainly,  "The Commission may regulate its own procedure."

Worse, s71 (7) "Where there is a quorum, the Commission shall not be disqualified for the transaction of business by reason of any vacancy among its members, and any proceeding of the Commission shall be valid  even though some person who was not entitled to do so took part therein." and (11) "The registration of voters and the conduct of elections in every constituency shall be subject to the direction and supervision of the Commission."

Hardly seems room to wiggle there to bring a case for how the EBC managed the elections, eh? By the way, in case you thought I might be leaving something out of the other subsections, let me assure you that they deal with things like the salaries of Commissions members, appointments and disqualifications, duration thereof etc.
Insofar as our Constitution is supreme, all arms of the State must operate within its provisions. One of the pillars of our Constitution is therefore the rule of law - governance and State activity according to law - not according to the “Divine right of Kings” or the arbitrary dictates of some self-proclaimed elitist group, masquerading as “independent”.
All institutions of the State, be they the Executive, the Judiciary, the Legislature, the Service Commissions, the Integrity Commission, and in particular, the Elections and Boundaries Commission must operate in accordance with the Constitution and the law.
Our Constitution acknowledges and protects the role of independent institutions in the governance framework.
However, I must add that the rule of law does not and cannot mean that our independent institutions must operate outside of their Constitutional remit, or that their constitutional independence is a justification for what may be arbitrary or biased actions.
Some of our so-called “independent” commentators have expressed the view that the recently-mounted challenge to the election results in Court is an exercise in futility - that we should just accept the results and move along.
 The Rule of Law isn't just about the "Divine right of Kings". And to refer to the same EBC that declared her a winner 5 years ago, as 'some self-proclaimed elitist group, masquerading as "independent"' is rather unfortunate, much in the same was her non-concession speech was rather unfortunate... a case of sour grapes and hitting below the belt at a body that can't defend itself publicly. Or as Penguin the Calypsonian said, "What sweet in goat mout', does sour in dey..."

The ex-PM seems to not mind making a public ass of herself, and in this I wish her every bit of success, though she is getting there without my help.

The description fits

When I described Fuad Khan as a hairy cacahole,  I probably had no idea of the real depth of stupidity nestling within his bosom and brain. However,  the description is eerily accurate.

Khan,  whose party was in power for 5 full years and some months,  failed to note that his party failed on the crime front.  In fact,  despite changing approximately 5 ministers in the national security ministry,  his party was an abysmal failure in every aspect of crime reduction.

Now,  here he comes to chastise the less-than-a-month-old PNM government for failure to reduce crime. 

Sadly,  Khan probably lacks the intelligence to know that what his party couldn't do in 5 years,  can't be done in 5 weeks by anyone else. Hairy cacahole indeed.

19 Sep 2015

The election that might be never was

So the UNC has succeeded in challenging the election results for the last general election held in Trinidad on September 7. 

It seems that the decision of the Election and Boundaries Commission (EBC) to extend the voting time by one hour due to inclement weather might be a non-statury and /or non-Constitutional scenario... Simply put,  the UNC challenge is that the EBC acted on powers it thought it had.  Possibly a Carmona backlash,  but only he can confirm,  since no one still knows what he was talking about.

The issue I have with the challenge is not whether the EBC pulled a Carmona... That always bears investigation. For me the issue is why the UNC is challenging only a few constituencies,  and not the country as a whole. I don't think that the extended time applied only to the particular constituencies under challenge.  Neither do I think it will make a difference in the number of votes,  as the UNC lost by large margins. 16,000 votes less than the PNM. Not to mention the little fact that no one can say how many persons voted after 6 pm! In any constituency...

The legal issue of the power of the EBC needs to be sorted,  but if found that it acted ultra vires (outside the law) then by-election according to that attorney Sturge will not be the answer.  The proper move is a full general election to be called again... And given the unpopularity of the UNC and Kamla's sour grapes concession speech and missteps after,  the UNC may well find itself losing even more votes than the first time.  Kamla Persad-Bissessar hasn't learn from losing 5 elections in the past 5 years,  she appears to want 6 on record.

In any reality,  that's called dotishness.  Sometimes it's best to lick your wounds and hope that they heal.