8 Mar 2007

Response to The Manicou Report

Well said Mani. We have exchanged some emails before, never fear. :-) However, as a student, and a pretty young one too (I have some years on you my friend) you may not know a couple of things I am about to tell you.

A few years ago I was a civil servant and openly being victimised by a higher ranking individual. In an effort to ascertain my rights I obtained a copy of the Public Service Regulations (or was it the Civil Service Regulations?). Anyway, this included a copy of the regulations covering the police service.

Do you know that the requirement to be a police officer was 3 'O' levels? Yeah boy. So now we have people in the police force who can't qualify for a job elsewhere, not even in a store, expected to learn big big thing like the law, and how and when to charge people. Some of them can't even read, write or spell properly, and yet they have to learn in only 6 months training all these charges and offenses etc. That is not the worst of it either - they have to write reports and confessions that will go to a court to be criticised and taken apart by lawyers. Is it any wonder then, so many cases collapse because of poor and shoddy police work?

Even sadder than that, now the ones who get in long long time ago have risen through the ranks, and still can't read, write or spell, but now they so hard backed in their attitudes too, they can't even talk to people in a considerate fashion.

And you wonder how come they so ineffective? Boy, it is only because they taking people who fail in the education system, the dunceys, and putting them to be police!