27 Jun 2007

The Challenge

I'm new to blogging. I've had this blog just over 3 months. So there are still things I'm learning, and having to ask CP what is tagging, I was myself also tagged - and challenged to write 8 things about myself. So here goes.
    1. I dislike the new wave culture that promotes rap and text speech. As a Grumpy Old Man, I reserve my right to protest things that 'dumb down' the already dumb population.
    2. I'm willing to help anyone. My best friend described me once to another person (she did not know I was overhearing and I swear, I didn't do it deliberately): "'Jumbie' is the only person I know will bend over backwards - twice- to help someone."
    3. I love reading. As a child, my teachers had to force me outside to go and play ('get fresh air' they said) when I preferred to read. I averaged over 10 books per week. I now average four but then again, now I work fulltime, and attend University part time.
    4. I find learning about technology, electronics, Maths etc easy. Once it follows logic, I'm not too shabby at getting it.
    5. I passed MENSA's test... not once, but 3 times. Haven't joined.
    6. I hate sleeping. I miss out on so much going on.
    7. I like Russell Peters comedy. He is a brilliant humourist.
    8. I only tolerate most people. It's hard to carry on a conversation with an idiot.
And a lagniappe: Injustice irks me. I started my blog to give vent to my feelings, though it's turned out that I don't limit myself to things unfair. I need to let it out, and this is as good a forum as any.