26 Jul 2007

To protect and serve - family and friends only.

This is a picture of DCP (that's Deputy Commissioner of Police) Gilbert Reyes. Note the visage, as if he is struggling to comprehend something. Also the stubborn and bullish look.

DCP Reyes is the father of Special Reserve Police Officer Colin Reyes. You may not know why Colin Reyes is famous. Let me remind you.

St James police said they had responded to a report of a disturbance outside Smokey and Bunty's Sports Bar on the Western Main Road in St James. The officers confronted four people, two men and two women and warned them.

However, one of the men allegedly started shoving one of the constables and began cursing him. A call was placed for back-up, but the officers were further abused by the entire group. One officer was bitten, another hit in the head with a bottle, while the third was beaten about the body.

(The officer requiring 10 stitches to his chest was actually involved in another fracas, and I have edited my blog accordingly).

All four suspects were arrested and taken to the St James station.

However, when officers arrived, they received a call from the senior officer, who ordered that the arrested quartet be released.

This is where things begin to read like a Young and Restless plot. First DCP Reyes calls up and orders the release of his son and friends, despite them beating and injuring fellow police officers!

An 'independent investigation' was launched by Commissioner of Police Trevor Paul.

The police probe was supervised by Senior Supt. Roderick Roach, of the Western Division, who recommended that no disciplinary action be taken against those involved and concluded that things were done "above board". (Does any one remember the word 'cronyism'?).

The file on the investigation has another sub-plot:

Speaking with the Express yesterday, Roach said the file was sent to Paul two weeks ago. However, he said he was not sure if Paul had received it as yet.

"There are various channels the file may have passed through," Roach said.

Two pages from a station diary at the St James Police Station, which give detailed accounts of what transpired on June 23, ... are now missing.

Apart from the missing pages in the diary, a page from the telephone message registrar, which recorded the time the senior officer called the St James Police Station and the instructions he gave, are also missing.

These senior dunceys covering each other like 'laglee' covering pommecythere.

Roach said he was also unaware that the diary's pages were now missing.

"When I checked the diary during the investigation, the pages were there. I cannot confirm or deny whether the pages are missing," Roach said, adding that he was now awaiting word from Paul on what action would be taken next.

Also contacted on the matter, ACP Winston Cooper said he could not comment on the situation, since he did not have any information on the incident.

As for me, I can't comment either. I'm speechless at this obvious and crass abuse of power by the dunceys who are meant 'to protect and serve'. I didn't know the motto applied to only family and friends.