6 Aug 2007

Animal Farm comes to life

Okay, the 'missing' (sorry, not missing according to Commissioner Trevor Paul) pages from the police's station diary, which outlines the details of Colin Reyes' famous brush with the law when he and three friends battered several policemen, has been 'found'. Colin Reyes you may recall is the son of Assistant Commissioner of Police Gilbert Reyes.

Recall the police in the form of the main man Paul saying they were not missing. I don't know about Paul, but I see a photo of three pages, not attached to a book, makes me wonder why. To my mind, that makes them missing Paul, seeing they'd be easier to go astray (deliberately or otherwise). Especially since its only after an investigation has the Express been able to turn them up. Where were they, I wonder?

Rumours in the blogosphere has it that Brian Manning has opened two pharmacies. Hmmm, coming hard on the heels of collecting $9M from Pappy, sorry, the government, for a basketball league...

Okay, maybe I'm missing something here too, (Jumbie appears to be losing it, right?) but I hear no news of any basketball league starting, started, being started or even in the planning stage. Manning stage, maybe?

Anyway, opening 2 pharmacies so quickly after receiving a 'windfall' from Pappy, (sorry, Government), makes me do some more wondering. Like the boy who ran away to Scotland, I'm standing in my shoes and wondering.

Hey, is it me, or does the Emperor Manning now behave like Napoleon from George Orwell's Animal Farm? (For those who have not read this book, I suggest you do. I'll gladly make a copy available to you, via email.)

Because the more things change, the more they remain the same. And the present PNM reminds me of the O'Halloran and Prevatt days. Like Chambers said,
"What is right in this country must be kept right and what is wrong must be put right!"