30 Aug 2007

Crapaud Leather - a true, true story

This might sound like a gollywhopper, but I swear, is a true, true story.

Some time back, when I finished my first electronics course, I used to do some part time repair/design work, for the extra pocket change so to speak.

I remember one day, a padner say he could use a hand to check a washing machine for a friend, since he not too versed with the electronics of it. I say okay, I going give him a hand.

Reach dey, the thing coming on, motor humming but the damn machine ent turning the drum inside. Open the back, and what we see?

A freaking crapaud dead, so long that de skin dry out into crapaud leather. And it stick up in the belt running from motor to drum.

We try to pull it out, hold it with vice grip and thing. Pulling dat old crapaud leather so hard, we pick up the entire machine off the floor, and still de frigging crapaud ent break apart. Dat is crapaud leather for you.

Now you wondering why I telling you this story, ent?

Well, I couldn't help but notice a kinda similarity with dat crapaud, and some ah dese old politicians/officials. Time was a man woulda be shame to be in the position ah Panday, Manning, Henderson, McNicolls, Monteil, Imbert-cile, Chinee - sorry - Chin Lee, Lee Sing, Trevor Paul, Gilbert Reyes etc.

Now dey skin ent normal, it like dat old crapaud, and even if caught in ah out and out lie - shame gone, dey still sticking to the story.

I ent lie, dat is my story.