14 Aug 2007

Paving the way for imbert-ciles

Hear this: the airport shut down for 5 hours yesterday because the runway get fecked up AGAIN! By the same Jusamco pavers. Not only that, they feck it up in the SAME PLACE as the last time!
The runway was closed at 8.40 am to allow Jusamco Pavers Limited workmen time to repair the damaged strip of runway. At 1.42 pm, the runway was cleared and operations at the airport resumed.

However, within the almost five hours that the runway was closed, 13 incoming flights and 18 departures were delayed while four flights were cancelled.

Ellen Lewis Adamson, Manager (Corporate Communications) at the Airports Authority confirmed the closure (and when) asked if this was the same area of the runway which was damaged recently, Adamson said ‘yes’.
So, why de arse the dotish government increased the cost of the same contract that Jusamco did before for about 1/5th the cost, only to get the same half-arsed job quality?

WHO POCKETING THE EXTRA MONEY? Follow the money trail...

I have to say, I really wish I could take a look at the bank accounts of some of these Ministers and officials before and after they came into their positions....