27 Sept 2007

Self investigating Self

I've never believed that police are capable of investigating police. Let's face it, it is difficult for these dunceys to find a cascadoo in a bucket, though my sis told me one night she observed them chasing a manicou in the fence at Débé police station where they had some success... in any event, police investigating police, or rightly, dunceys investigating dunceys always has proven to be a corrupt and pointless endeavour.

Case in point: a 13 year old boy was shot while in the act of closing his front door, yet the most senior duncey Trevor Paul somehow concludes 'the police did nothing wrong'. Aside from the fact that the police have no business shooting in the direction of innocent bystanders, (no matter how eager they are to catch 'real' criminals), the fact that the stories conflict leads me to think cover up in the absence of any serious enquiry.

An independent police watchdog is not only necessary in Trinidad and Tobago, but at this point it is absolutely vital. More for arresting the police abuse than transparency really, though the murky waters that these dunceys swim in daily could certainly use some filtering.

Given the fact though that Trinidad remains approximately 50 years behind the rest of the world (coincidently the length of PNM rule) I cannot hold my breath to see this implemented. Perhaps the upcoming generation might be lucky enough.