30 Nov 2007

An ANGRY Jumbie

I am an angry man.

I started my blog to give myself a voice. After seeing so much corruption and dotishness all around me, I started to write letters to the editors of the newspapers... but I have strong opinions, and maybe my opinions are too politically tainted for the newspapers to print.

So I started this blog to give myself a voice, to vent my inner rages against the helplessness I feel when my country (and other issues) go against the sanity of reason, and those in their own selfishness take for themselves rather than help to make my country somewhere to be proud of.

Some readers argue that I am outside of Trinidad which is why I am bold enough to have an opinion, to write, to air my views. Frankly, that's a load of rubbish. My views never changed from those I held even when I was living in Trinidad. Living abroad simply allows me the convenience of the medium I use, i.e. the internet, blogs, cheap websites, etc.

Some say the Trinis who live abroad are traitors, that we left, and should not get involved in affairs of the state anymore. More hogwash. I tend to think of Trinis aboard as the more loyal breed. We have seen what life can be like, and so we criticize and complain, not because we put down the people or systems where we come from, but because we want it to improve so that those we left behind can benefit from better standards of care and concern. Because like many others, I too have left family and friends behind who suffer. Yes, I am out of Trinidad, but the fact that I pay close attention to the shit that goes on is itself a testament to my loyalty to my country.

But getting back to why I am angry, (and if perchance my language gets a bit strong, it is also testament to my anger, not because I am careless), it is because once again the corruption and crime has taken over.

Look, I am many thousands of miles away, sitting in a safe and warm environment, and yet this morning I opened up my browser to read of a 16 years old girl being kidnapped, raped and killed in her own neighbourhood. And typically
In Rebekah's case, police told the family that she had probably run off with a man.

Rumours in the village were she was having an affair.
Fucking duncey police as usual taking the easy way out, preferring to make excuses and sit on their fat arses shining khaki rather than get out and do what they fucking paid to do.
Her case was strikingly similar to that of another 16-year-old, Pixie Lakhan who vanished after dropping out of a car to walk into a rural road leading home at Quarry Village, Siparia, in April 2005.

Pixie's parents had begged the police to search for her. They knew she would not have ran away.

But the police said they had evidence Pixie was living with a man and filed a missing "bad girl" report.

A month later, in the bushes near the Lakhan family home, road workers found Pixie's bones.
Of course, the rot starts at the top, from a Prime Minister without a brain, or else so steeped in corruption or stupidity the shit comes out of his mouth because he can't tell the difference from that and his own arsehole, so interchangeable are they. The Express is a lot kinder in it's statement than I would be, so let me quote that newspaper.
The truth is that Mr Manning, in a bid to save political face, has chosen to treat in a startlingly cavalier manner a development of which according to Mr Browne, himself, he had not been previously made aware and which must have come as a surprise and even shock to him notwithstanding his convenient pretence that he appointed Mr Browne despite the claim that he, among other things, used his former employer's money for personal travel and the payment of unauthorised bonuses to himself and other managers.

It is, frankly, astonishing that the Prime Minister can be contending that the confrontation between Mr Browne and the Caribbean Commercial Bank (now RBTT Barbados Bank) and CLICO Holdings Barbados Ltd is akin to a private business affair or, indeed, that it is a case of business as usual, as if it has not inevitably impacted on the public perception of Mr Browne even before he actually sets foot in the pivotal Ministry of Finance. What a way to start an administration!
Clearly, a man who is either corrupt, dotish, or simply loves the power he wields. And we, the stupid people, voted him back for it all to continue.