24 Nov 2007

By authority of the Chief Magistrate

I'm in a warm house, smell of curry in the air after I finish 'chounkay' the pot, a shot of vodka warming my innards, the wind outside cold enough to freeze Satan's st**es, and while reading the Express, I see this!

Now there is clearly something up here.

To start with, the defendant is a fellow magistrate to friend Shermie, so one time you know things going to be favoured in that corner.

But on top of that, I wonder at this 'sudden' ruling by Shermie on whether Licensing has the powers to charge or not. I am not sure, but after reading some sundry regulations a few years ago, I thought they did. So it seems I am mistaken.

Second thing I thought about: if Shermie rules that the Licensing blokes are hapless in implementing charges from this point, what happens to all the people who were charged in bygone times - remember some of them would have appeared before Shermie too! No question then they were in the right, eh?

Maybe it's me. One day I might blog about a personal encounter with Shermie (yeah, he came out the wrong end) but until then, this man does not impress me.

Good thing is, when a Licensing duncey accost me now, I can rightfully tell him to f**k off, by authority of the Chief Magistrate.