21 Nov 2007

A cacophony of miscellany

A collection of quotations showing the vast distance between brain and mouth:
UNC political leader Basdeo Panday has said the Opposition will not tolerate any "disrespect" from the House Speaker as they did in the last session of Parliament. "We will not tolerate any nonsense, we will use every means, all our power, go to court if we have to," Panday told the Express last night.
Basdeo Panday
In the Caribbean, our families are characterised by woman-led extended families. In T&T, that type of family organisation is still very common, especially in the more rural areas.

The other very common family organisation is the woman-led single-parent family and this may come about as a result of a failed marriage or relationship or some misguided neo-feminist ideal.

Ideally, the husband should be the main breadwinner and the wife, provide any other necessary financial support.
Wesley George
Education Officer
PNM National Youth League

"Notwithstanding the rise in homicides, I must say that some of the efforts that we have been instituting have borne fruit in the sense that although there has been a massive increase in homicides in the past few days, the crime statistics indicate to us that there has not been an overall increase in crime in T&T."
Glen Roach
Acting Commissioner of the duncey service
Saying there was light at the end of the tunnel, he said he was confident the law enforcement agencies would be able to give safety and security to the population.
from Martin Joseph
Minister of National Insecurity