16 Nov 2007

Duncey syndrome rising

Like I have said many times previously, the actions of the dunceys in Trinidad never fail to surprise me, especially when it comes to the unbelievable 'logic' they apply in their thinking.

Take for example, this news article highlighting the arrest and subsequent charging of Hayden Toney (brother of COP member and former Minister of National Security, Joseph Toney) for losing his gun.
Toney told presiding Magistrate Avason Quinlan that he stepped into his office on Jerningham Avenue on the evening of November 13 to spend only a few minutes accessing the internet. Under questioning from his attorney, he said he had difficulties doing this as there was a problem with the office server. While he was in his office, his car, with the firearm and ammunition, was parked outside. The firearm and ammunition were in a pouch beneath the front seat of his vehicle, he said. He said he heard nothing while he was in the office.

He had never had any problems with theft in the area, he added. It was only after he had driven 300 feet away from the office after leaving shortly at about 6.30 pm, that he put his hand under the seat and realised that something was gone. “The pouch was missing,” he told the court.

He then drove back to the office to make sure that he had not forgotten the pouch there. The fenced office compound, he said was dark. But he never found the pouch. That very evening, he made a report to the Belmont Police Station.
The charge came about because
the offence of negligence is a tort or “wrong” which occurs when a person, deemed to have a “duty of care” in specific circumstances, fails to be careful enough to live up to that duty.
My view is that the law is never applied equally as it is meant to be. How many of the dunceys who lose their firearms, are never charged? Firearms go missing from inside the stations and nothing ever comes of it. Just yesterday, the newspapers highlighted that 9 firearms were missing.
In June 2005, businessman Uttamdeo Marajh was shot dead during a robbery at his grocery in Palo Seco. The gun used in the murder was police issued. The 9mm handgun had been stolen from the St James Police Station two weeks earlier.
Where was 'duty of care' applied to ALL officers who were on duty at those stations?

This looks like Mr Toney is being singled out for being a COP member, though I could be wrong in that.

It seems we may have to adopt 'duty of care' for these dunceys... or have we already?