17 Nov 2007

Faced with duncey stupidity again

Martin Joseph, Gilbert Reyes and Trevor Paul, should hang themselves in shame.

While the PNM having grand 'retreats' in posh surroundings, crime has taken a running leap forward, both in quantity and horrific quality. The PNM continues to ignore the sensible and obvious suggestions.

By the way, I've heard of 'power naps' but what the hell is a 'power walk'?

In another news article (one I must confess I found rather funny), a police duncey was beaten by two men. The article made it seem as if he was protecting some woman, but closer inspection revealed that the duncey is in a relationship with her.

Further examination revealed that he used a walking stick 'because of a previous injury' yet was able to run away from the men, clamber into a car, all without aid of said aid, as the article revealed it was 'lost' in the struggle. I wonder how in the process he also managed to lose $2000? Something about that seems fishy, because I can't see a man reaching into his pocket while beating him, and taking the money out. Definitely more in the mortar here than the pestle.

The Newsday story is different. Hmm, what's the real story?

Sheldon Des Vignes, shot while trying to stop a duncey from beating his cousin (for not removing a camouflage pants that he was wearing at the time!). Did they really expect him to walk home in his underwear??

Relatives claim that he was unarmed at the time he was shot and that he was fired upon after questioning officers, who were allegedly assaulting one of his cousins for not taking off his (the cousin's) illegal camouflage pants.

The shooting led to massive protests by residents for a number of days, some of whom complained that they saw no signs of an investigation taking place.

Commissioner of Police Trevor Paul said at a press conference on Monday that a full probe had been launched into the shooting.

He also appealed for eyewitnesses-not those with hearsay -to provide their accounts to the police. He said he expected that the probe should be completed in a maximum of two weeks.

Duncey Paul promised an investigation will be completed in 2 weeks, one of which has been spent 'appealing for witnesses' (why can't these dunce f**ks get out and investigate?).

I foresee the way this headed though: the clue is in the 'hearsay' bit.