21 Nov 2007

Flapping lips and bumping gums

In Trinidad, when someone is talking pure idiotic nonsense, we say that they're just 'flapping lips' or 'bumping gums'.

Here are a few examples.
National Security Minister Martin Joseph hopes there will be no upsurge in kidnappings following the freeing of Selwyn 'Robocop' Alexis. Joseph admitted that during his last term in office he "underestimated the amount of work and the time it would take", when he took up the position of National Security Minister.

Acting Police Commissioner Glen Roach assured that the police were "on top of what is happening".

Brigadier Peter Joseph also attempted to assure the public that his agency was not "sitting still". He said that SAUTT "will make a difference" and said that his agency intended to make Trinidad and Tobago a safer place.
These men choose words that are meant to convince the population that crime is being handled effectively, yet the results show the opposite. There have been 28 murders since elections on November 5th, once again proving that the PNM (and the dunceys) are about as effective as a paper diaper.