19 Nov 2007

Getting it right

For some reason, the Trinidad Guardian is the newspaper I find the most inconsistencies* in. No lie. It seems that the 'reporters' (media workers?) are incapable of seeing and correction basic mistakes; to make matters worse, the editors turn a blind eye. Or maybe they themselves don't know better.

I'll quote from an article printed today.
A man on his way to finalise preparations for his wedding yesterday encountered his worst nightmare when the van he was driving struck and killed a 18-year-old boy on his bicycle.

Holding back the tears, the boy's father Vedish Maharaj, 32, said the family was at their Balata East, Bristol Village, home when they got the "bad news."

It is the second tragedy for the family as three years ago, Maharaj's eldest son Brian drowned at Mayaro beach while bathing with friends.
Follow up on those items I highlighted and you can see the inconsistencies immediately. Videsh Maharaj would have been 14 when Roger (this son) was born, meaning he'd have been 13 when conceived. But there was another elder son... not impossible, but highly improbable.

The Express may be more accurate, though I cannot verify.
Four years ago, his step father Videsh Maharaj said, Bholai's brother, Ryan, 15, drowned at the Mayaro Beach.
By the way, which paper got the name right?

* I have had to remove the link as the Guardian has indeed removed the offending article.