16 Nov 2007

Life in T&T sucks

In an article by Kim Boodram in the Express entitled 'Life in T&T sucks', several points were made:
I'll try instead to share with you the depth of my fear for our country - the fear that we will forever be the product of cowardice, greed, callousness and laziness.

Change will be hard. The 'good people' among us are outnumbered by the slackers, schemers, racists, classists, wannabes, fakes, hypocrites, thugs, gangsters, puppets, zombies, prostitutes, murderers, rapists, paedophiles, chauvinists, vampires and convenient patriots. Souls, souls, going cheap.

Yes, the same people you see for Carnival bawling "One love", "Sweet T&T" and "Trini to de bone".

Speaking of which, I couldn't tell the difference between Carnival and election.

Most of the children - like most of the adults - are functionally illiterate, empty heads bobbing to whatever drum happens to be passing. We've been conditioned to accept the scraps of our so-called leaders and it infects every part of our lives.

There is no law, no order.

Look at the murder toll and the number of road deaths - we care about each other? You can't even get the police when you need them.

One MP was so rude and condescending, you'd think he was paying my salary and not the other way around!
The saddest part is when despair turns into apathy.
I think of the injustice and corruption I let pass because despair had turned into apathy. I wasn't mature enough to see the point of braying in this Banana Republic, where everything is a joke and tragedies are a dime-a-dozen.