11 Nov 2007

The more things change

Being a Grumpy Old Man has certain... disadvantages. One being a low threshold for idiocy.

I admit, the actions of the dunder-headed and flatfoot police in Trinidad provides me with sufficient fodder for (alternatively) a good laugh, or severe gnashing of the teeth. I'm always surprised though that the powers that be actually expect them to provide results. Ha, ha. I have a better chance catching haemorrhoids from sitting on a hot tawa.

I see today the Newsday has an article "Commissioner orders probe into Laventille killing". Well, that seems to be all Paul can do: order. Face it, this will turn out to be like so many other 'investigations'. Sean Luke, Shazard Mohammed, Marlon Shepherd, Wendy Courtney, Joel Charles .... I won't have room here to list all. NOTHING will come of this, and I predict that the dunceys will be found entirely innocent. Seriously, the story that will be let out won't be believable, based upon past experiences, but it will be accepted.

"Top Cop gets one more year" another headline screams. WHY? The same article points out:
The Police Service Commission is searching for a new Commissioner and has received several applications from persons wishing to fulfill the post.

The applicants are from Trinidad and Tobago, the Caribbean, the United States, Canada and England.
So, we know that obviously more competent persons have applied. What gives then?
Sunday Newsday learned that the PSC is seriously considering an applicant from England but they were advised to give Paul the extension.
Well now, once again someone is interfering with the 'independent' PSC. WTF? Who 'advised' them? Understand clearly, the PSC, like any other public service commission, is supposed to be insulated from political interference, and make its own decisions. If I say autocracy, will you whistle?

Now Paul ent the brightest bulb in the shed. Fact is, he displays the intelligence of a bedpan, but that's not his fault. Maybe he is just not capable of learning. Certainly evidence points to this.
Commissioner Paul had promised in July 2004, when he became Commissioner to deal with the escalating crime in the country.

He said then, "It is no doubt that I am at the helm of the police service at a time when its performance rating is probably at its lowest.

"I am now in charge at a time when public opinion suggests that the failure of the organisation to adequately protect and serve our citizens is as a result of major deficiencies at the management level," said Paul.

Despite the assurance from Paul to make a dent in crime, the country was plagued with murders, kidnappings and other forms of crime.
The more things change, the more they stay the same. Ent?