28 Nov 2007

Never will see the light

Sometimes I wonder that we have a 9 day memory (we like we cyah even make ah 10 days). Previously I asked about the Mustill report, because we all seem to have forgotten it. Some other things that seemed to have slipped past without following up and which will never see the light:

The shooting of Sheldon Des Vignes. 'Investigations' aka duncey propaganda were to be concluded in 2 weeks.

The shooting of Joel Charles. No results whether any duncey was charged.

The shooting of Wendy Courtney. Ditto. Also the men whom the police dunceys shot at the same time were executed, what of that?

The shooting of Simon Khan, a 13 years old boy who was closing his front door while shot. Nothing came of that either.

The Shazard Mohammed incident amounted to so much froth in a water bucket.

No further mention of that basketball league for which Brian Manning received $9 million. Hey, I wonder how those CDAP sponsored pharmacies are doing by the way.

Nothing said about Monteil returning $110M he pinched from the state coffers.

Little baby Justin Paul was burnt in an incubator, while he was still in hospital, when he was 5 hours old.

What about that Jusamco contract?

Has Glenda Morean yet filed her declaration of income and assets for 2003?

What happens when the son of a senior duncey is arrested for assaulting another duncey? Nothing apparently.

What happens when soca stars Machel Montano and Derek "Mr Slaughter" Pereira are accused of assaulting Joel White over a year ago? Well, as you may guess: nothing!

What action has been taken to date on the 2 dunceys who refused to go to court?

What is the result into the investigations on Shermie and that land deal? (You knew I'd get round to this, right?).

What of Herbert Atwell and that cushy job? Is he still there? What impact has he made in the rising crime rate?

Ahhh, Monkey Island justice at the fore.