10 Nov 2007

New Traditions

More Monkey Island shenanigans from the PNM, a mere 5 days after the general elections.

I don't know how many persons are aware that according to the present constitution of Trinidad and Tobago, no sitting (meaning active) politician can hold the post of President. Regulations do state that there ought to be 8 years between active political trickery - ahem, activities, and nomination to the post.

All that went out the window when a deal was cut between Panday and Robinson post-NAR days.

Now Pa-trick intends to continue that 'new' noble tradition by appointing PNM member Linda Baboolal, as the new President.

The intention of the framers of the present constitution is, I figure, to avoid the president (the person) from having to take sides in times of conflict. We saw how well that worked when there was an 18-18 tie and one was chosen via 'moral' superiority. Must be why he thinks he is God's chosen incidentally.

Needless to say, he is putting in a figurehead (dare I say 'dunceyhead') President who will never oppose changes to the constitution, thus paving the way for a smoother transition to implementing that draft constitution.

New traditions - don't you just love them?