29 Nov 2007

Only in Trinidad oui.

Three things today I saw that left me shaking my head in disbelief:
For the first.... can you really see a duncey bullying up a man in the street, and pulling out his ID when the man ask for it? Yeah right! Just recently we had a duncey running into a man's yard and putting a bullet in his brain because he dared to protest that his relative was being slapped around for wearing a camouflage pants... imagine how incensed the duncey mighta get if they did ask him to provide ID! Anyhow, is only duncey Reyes could tell the nation that dem duncey have to prove they is dunceys to slap the shit outa yuh. Take comfort knowing is dunceys beating yuh blue-black and not bandit, right?

For the second... how come it take this long for this duncey to develop a conscience? That being said, he have a right not to have confidence in his fellow dunceys; lord alone knows he have plenty experience in seeing just how dotish they can be. Ah wonder though - how come he take 30 years to speak up? It take 30 years to grow a conscience, or ah set ah balls to speak up?

And hear Pa-trick on the third:
The matter is before a court of law and there are some very interesting players in that game. If you don't know them well I know them very well indeed."

Manning said Browne and his former employer were in a business relation and "something had gone sour in the relationship".

"A dispute has arisen out of the relationship, which is having a sequel in the courts, and as far as I am concerned it is a private matter," Manning said.
Wait nah... if the matter before the court, how come Pa-trick defending the man so? How Pa-trick know something 'sour' in the relationship, and Browne really didn't tief as he is accused of doing? Because Browne tell him so? So a man who tief ent go lie to save he arse from jail? Or to get a fat pay cheque in a cushy job?

And how de France that is a 'private matter'? De man going to be in charge of we money, the public purse. If he really tief, who is to say he ent go do it again? Like one man say, if you suspect a paedophile, you go put him to principal a school of little chirren?

Frankly, Pa-trick going lil overboard here, and I seeing that autocratic tendency bulling through. In spite of good, common sense advice, he done make up he mind, and not a damn dog bark dey. Not that they would, they too busy growling over de lil bones he throwing their way.

Only in Trinidad, oui.