14 Nov 2007

A Reader's Digest moment

I found this in the October 2007 edition of RD magazine:
It was a dark and rainy night as I hitch-hiked down a country lane, so I was delighted when a car drew level and stopped. Without hesitating I jumped in and closed the door.

As the vehicle moved slowly off, I realised there was no one behind the wheel and that I was alone. What's more, the engine wasn't running. Terrified, I remained rooted to the seat until the lights of a pub came into view. I dived out and ran.

Once inside, I was regaling my fellow customers with my spooky experience until, about 10 minutes later, two men came in, out of breath and wet through and through.

Looking round, one of them saw me and nudged his friend.

"Look Tom! There's that idiot who got into the car while we were pushing it."