7 Nov 2007

Reasoning and Logic

I can't understand the reasoning and logic of some people.

Since the general election on Monday in Trinidad, I have spoken to several persons online. Granted, none of them are PNM supporters (amazing the amount of people who are admitting to not being supporters, but yet they still won.... or do I just know the wrong people?) but they are all damned vex with COP.

Why? Well, they are vexed that COP 'split' the votes.

One conversation:
Guest: I damn vex. I could kill Dookeran (I think that's a figure of speech, I hope).
Me: Why?
Guest: Because without COP, the vote wouldna split and UNC woulda win. Now we get PNM for a next 5 years....
Me: And why you think COP split the votes? Could the people who voted for COP really be fed up of both UNC and PNM?
Guest: Yeah, I so mad I could kill Panday.
Me: Why?
Guest: Because if the jackass had the sense to resign and put Kamla as leader, we woulda have a landslide victory for UNC.
Me: So the blame really is Panday, and not Dooks?
Guest: Yeah.
So here's where I get confused.

How could COP 'split' votes or take away votes from people who had no intention of voting UNC anyway?

And how is Panday's stupidness Dook's fault? The man did his best to provide a viable alternative, it's not his fault Trinidadians willing to cut their noses to spite their face.

Monkey Island indeed...