25 Nov 2007

Set a tief - or 'fox in the henhouse'?

Pa-trick's new golden boy in the Ministry of Fine Ants, Mariano Browne, has been a bad boy. He is accused of embezzling some $8M B'dos dollars from his former employers (RBTT B'dos Ltd), in a series of ad hoc bonus payments to himself and other managers, and by carelessly issuing bonds which has caused financial loss to the bank.

Now, I am not privy to the full facts but two things I can say:
  • Camini Marajh usually is very thorough.
  • His former employers are not going to waste time and money in pursuing court action if they do not have proof.
'Nuff said.

This is the calibre of man our caring PM has hired to take care of our country's finances for the next 5 years. Get this though:
Of his client's entry into government with the baggage of a major lawsuit hanging over him, Shepherd said: "Do not forget that the litigation was commenced in 2004 at a time when it was not envisaged that he would be entering into public office."
Huh? Since the lawsuit was initiated in 2004, clearly Pa-trick knew about it before hiring him. So did he hire a crooked banker deliberately? Was this choice because of the lawsuit, or in spite of it? Is he cooking up some sort of deal for siphoning more money out of the treasury?

The big question I have though is that if he is found guilty, who pays the fine to keep him out of jail? What do you want to bet somehow it will be all of us?