22 Nov 2007

Something's rampant alright.

One of the most senior Officers in the duncey service, Supt Chandrabhan Maharaj has refused a promotion. He has cited rampant corruption as his reason for not accepting responsibility for 11 police stations.

A couple of things in that article struck me as out of whack.
  • The Southern Division has been described as the largest in the country. With all the increase in crime, we only have 11 stations in this entire area? How many dunceys work out of these 11 stations? How many on patrol?
  • Acting Commissioner of Police, Glen Roach, has mandated an executive officer to investigate and take all necessary actions. What exactly does this mean? What is an executive officer? Will he have powers similar to an executive president, to discipline or fire, if he finds guilty dunceys? This sounds like more PR to plaster a deep cut.
Again, we have dunceys investigating dunceys, the buddy-buddy syndrome, and mark my words, the result of this will be nothing, nada, zero, zilch... Seems like once again, stupidity is more 'rampant' than corruption with this group.