13 Nov 2007

There's something about cold weather

It's nearing 6:00 AM and outside the temperature is a very cold 5°C. My Canadian readers will scoff at that, I know - I've had reports of temperatures dropping below -20° there.

On the other hand, imagine a country boy from Trinidad, used to climes where sweat softens your fingernails... having to go out in that temperature outside. It's like sitting in the fridge back home. Good news though: no mosquitoes!

Speaking of fridges, this is the time of the year I throw all my canned and bottled drinks outdoors. (^_^).

It's also the time when lethargy sets in, and I really don't feel as energetic as during the warmer months. There's something about cold weather...

Times like these that I wonder why I left warm and sunny Trinidad.