28 Nov 2007

What in fact?

Three newspapers; three different sets of facts. All relating to the same story. Josanne Sammy was kidnapped. It's her return that is puzzling.
  1. According to the Express:
    Police confirmed last night that Josanne Sammy had been found at Ragoonanan Road, Enterprise shortly before 7 p.m. Police say they got a tip from someone who had seen her in the area and the officers went there and found her.
  2. According to the Guardian:
    Kidnapping victim Josanne Sammy escaped from her abductors last night, almost 17 hours after she was reportedly snatched from her home in La Romaine.
  3. According to the Newsday:
    JOSANNE SAMMY, the 23-year-old La Romaine woman who was kidnapped at home during the early morning hours yesterday, was rescued by police in Cunupia last nigh.

    According to reports, at 6.50 pm, officers intercepted a car at Freedom Street, Cunupia and rescued Sammy. A man and woman were also detained while the car has been impounded.
Another thing; all three articles agree Josanne is not married to (but is co-habiting with) Riyad Baksh. Since there is no legal marriage, how come every story is mentioning 'in-law'? In-law means IN LAW. Sheesh.

Now, for those who think I am nit-picking, let me assure you I am glad the young lady is alive and safe.