8 Dec 2007

Abuse, misuse or no use?

Once again in Monkey Island, we see how a little authority granted to a person can go to his head:
A top brass from the Defence Force told the Express a senior officer was accused of stealing money from a special fund, which he used to take a female soldier to a Caribbean island and as a down payment for a guest house in north Trinidad.
We also have proof of how much the PNM government really cares about keeping it's promises (especially to the 'Indian' population who traditionally has not voted for said PNM).
"Government's attitude seems to me to have been 'business as usual', not really being concerned about the frustration that delay in meeting its promise was causing. Up to the present time, there is no credible evidence as to when these former sugar workers will get their leases without which they are disadvantaged in a substantial way.

"Government's lack of the sense of urgency (which) this matter warranted is in my view, tantamount to an abuse of power."
Justice Lennox Deyalsingh

A damning indictment on a government we already know is about as much use as a paper diaper.