15 Dec 2007

Basking in the limelight?

My suspicions of Rennie Coolman's involvement in the kidnapping and death of his wife Vindra Coolman had been raised when he paid $165,000 to a 'lawyer from the State prosecutors office' to avoid being charged for her demise. No other reason.

Of course, at the time he paid this money, he genuinely thought the woman (later identified as con-woman Alisha Chunu) was really from the State prosecutors office, and in a panic to avoid charges being laid upon him, he forked over this huge sum of money.

The duncey police interviewed him (perhaps sympathetically, after all - he is the grieving husband), but did not consider him a suspect. Yet, I wonder that a man would pay such a sum to avoid prosecution and hide the fact that he is being blackmailed for more than two weeks before seeking help.

Understand clearly - only someone guilty of something can be blackmailed. Innocent people would naturally tell you to feck off.

In an interview with the Guardian today (the link will be active tomorrow since I am using the archive format), Coolman admits that since their marriage, that morning was the first time he did not walk her to her car. Hmmm... am I seeing another clue?

As customary, Coolman would walk Vindra, who he affectionately called Wifey to the van every morning and kiss her goodbye before leaving for work.

However, on December 19, Coolman admitted he had to take up duty earlier than usual and bid farewell to Vindra who was in the shower.

Even the Guardian reporter attempts to portray Coolman in a syrupy sweet light, but the picture of a loving doting husband just isn't there. Poor writing skills from the reporter? The interview is given front page prominence, leaving me skeptical as to Coolman's intentions and aims - after all, other people in similar circumstances (Lord alone know, there are so many) shun the limelight; Coolman seems to be seeking it.

According to the article too (based upon Information Coolman volunteered at the interview), they were married 2
½ years ago (July 2005). Vindra has been dead for a year, and of the 1½ years of married 'bliss', Rennie Coolman spent 1 year in foreign studying, leading to a conclusion that only 6 months were spent together. I'm keeping a lookout for a future wife or partner...

As for me, I am still asking, as I have been all along: Why did you pay that money??

I am still asking too: has Monteil repaid that $110 million he was given by Pa-trick?