9 Dec 2007

A completely random post I

I have a keen interest in technology, starting in my teen years. Now, I wasn't always able to afford the latest and best technology around, Lord alone knows this is still the case. But in my earlier years, I studied electrical engineering (electronics theory for those who don't know) and got into some design and repair work for a while.

In this period, I first heard mention of Dr Amar G Bose; actually I was researching some speaker specifications at the Carnegie Library in San Fernando, trying to build a surround sound system (long before surround sound was popular, I succeeded as my siblings can attest... if I may digress, Paul Young's Love of a Common People sounded superb on that system).

Dr Bose was a professor of electrical engineering at MIT when he purchased the 'best' speaker system at the time, only to find out how horrible it sounded when he took it home. Returning it to the store, he was advised by the salesman that 'that is how it is supposed to sound'.

His curiousity to find out why sound was so poor led him to extensive research and the formation of the world famous Bose Corporation. Dr Bose is now ranked in the Forbes 400 list, and his corporation is still researching and producing new technology.

From Discover Magazine:
Amar G. Bose, 74, founder, owner, and chairman of the Bose Corporation, rocked the automotive world in August by unveiling a suspension system that could make all others obsolete. It uses computer-controlled electric motors to effectively cancel a road's bumps and dips, giving occupants a glass-smooth ride. The system, more than two decades in development, is expected to show up on cars within four years. It may seem like an unlikely breakthrough from what many regard as a high-end speaker company, but since its founding in 1964, Bose has conquered science and engineering challenges in a variety of fields. The company, which employs 8,000 people, reflects its maverick founder and offers a unique model for revitalizing American corporate research and development. Bose was a professor of electrical engineering at MIT for 45 years.
Bose technology is finding its way into cars in more than just the audio system.