25 Dec 2007

Crash Dummies at the fore... again

Once more, citizens of Trinidad and Tobago are no more than crash dummies, providing evidence of everything wrong in traffic management (an oxymoron, I know). While my sympathies lie with these families in grief, I cannot help a few observations.

Young people get licences to drive cars, and are ill prepared for the actual reality of what is present on the roads.

The last time I was in Trinidad, perhaps because I had been driving in the UK, I was horrified at the idiotic ways drivers in Trinidad went about their daily routines. Not only were they selfish and mannerless, but there was blatant disregard for even the basic road regulations.

It is high time Trinidad and Tobago adopts a more stringent test for obtaining a driver's permit... and time to clean up the corruption in Licensing Department.

I know of one officer who does more business at home than at the office... and I have seen him making his payments into his bank EVERY Friday evening.

Perhaps Imbert-cile needs to stop writing letters to the editor... and start working.