19 Dec 2007

Cronyism, expertise and energy

I opened up the Guardian's webpage this morning and saw this:
But the trauma of being involved in a vehicular accident was deepened when Dawn Pierre—adviser to Energy Minister Conrad Enill—was robbed almost immediately after by a man posing as a good Samaritan.

Pierre, 24, of Norton Street in Curepe, was yesterday described by St Joseph police officers as "lucky," as she sustained minor injuries after a thick, metal pipe ploughed through her windscreen during the accident.

Hold on... did you see what I saw?

An adviser to a minister is only 24 years old? WTF?

Lemme see... 24 years old, possibly a degree, no life experiences (we will get to this later), no work experience possibly (later), certainly not enough expertise in any energy matter... or maybe....

Life experiences and expertise in energy... is she getting pipe (non-metallic) from Enill??? Or is she a relative with a cushy job? Where exactly does her experiences and expertise in energy lie to make her an expert? What kind of energy we talking bout here?

Nobody sees anything wrong with this??