2 Dec 2007

In the news

I don't know. I just don't know.

I have to shake my head sometimes at the goings on in Trinidad. Lennox Smith, the dubiously reputed Laventillian wants TT $6 M to fund "more than 50 young aspiring entrepreneurs in Laventille and its environs to establish their own businesses."

Correct me if I am wrong... isn't that what the Small Business Development Company is for? Given Mr Smith's already tainted reputation in financial matters, I don't see why he has to get involved in any financial matters of this nature. So the PNM must repeat the functions of the SBDC in Mr Smith's organisation?

In another report:
ONE young lady's both legs were severed, a man lost a eye and seven other were people badly hurt when, according to several eyewitnesses, a car broke a major road and hit a van, causing it to smash into a group of people pinning them against a concrete wall.
The really horrible part is yet to come - the victims may well have to spend the next 10 years in the legal system to get compensation and justice. Not to mention the financial hardship to come from medical and other bills.

Some observations I also made this morning... Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj is always referred to in any newspaper report, regardless of which paper, which reporter, as Former Attorney General.... is that all that identifies the man? Has he no abilities or saving grace other than a former position he held years ago?

Maybe we should refer to him as Ramesh 'Lawsuit' Maharaj, since his only ability at this time is to threaten lawsuits left, right and centre for everything except the kitchen sink - that too is a matter of timing and relevance I suppose.

Several well known lawyers are speaking out against the unfair conditions surrounding the bail system. Personally, I think there needs to be a balance. But I admire their stance for justice.

I also think Stan Lee must be some kind of misunderstood pervert. I mean... putting the underwear outside the costumes, and thinking it cool? Then again... everyone followed him thereafter, which proves people are just sheep in the fold.