22 Dec 2007

It's all about me

Once again, Panday is in the spotlight... for making yet another asinine comment (sorry to insult the ass).

On hearing the Mustill report, Panday automatically jumped to the conclusion that:
Opposition Leader Basdeo Panday is of the view that the findings of the Lord Mustill report confirmed the "conspiracy of the Government to try and send me to prison".
Once again showing the direct link between arsehole and brain - expelling waste without thinking. Never seems to occur to him that he is not the centre of the Trinidadian universe...

It appears to me that he does not think it could be a plot against Sharma, and not Panday. Hell, if anyone wanted to get rid of Panday, it would certainly be a betterment for Trinidad...

But as Martin Daly says:
"we still don't know what really went on between McNicolls and the Executive and the businessmen, because it was not part of Lord Mustill's mandate to find those facts".
The Mustill report, rather than clear the waters, only muddied it more.