6 Dec 2007

Masqueraders and imposters

I am not a fan of duncey police. Every time I ask myself how much more stupid they could get, they come up with an answer to prove to me exactly how stupid they could get.

I have no doubt that a high percentage of the dunceys are involved in crime. I suspect that more than one has 'lent' or 'rented' his firearm, and/or uniform. This is not including those whom I suspect of masquerading as imposters masquerading as dunceys. Where am I going with this?

Well, the latest is that the dunceys have ordered new uniforms so that bandits won't 'copy' the dunceys' appearance when they go a-raiding. If the new uniform is 'copied' it means I am right; the dunceys are themselves committing the crimes and blaming it on persons who are 'pretending' to be dunceys.

Then again, the fact that the best idea that duncey Reyes and company can come up with to fight crime is to change duncey uniform, really shows how challenged that organisation is for intelligence. Sad to say, it is retired dunceys as well who get the cushy jobs advising Pa-trick on crime... I wonder if they advise how to escalate it instead of prevent it?