11 Dec 2007

Money Matters.. or a class of its own

Here's an interesting scenario I came across.

Party A owes Party B (we'll call them A and B) some money; in fact, quite a lot of money. Now this money is not money borrowed; it is wages that B earned while working for A.

A is not paying the money. A owes B the money for the past 10 YEARS! B has written to A countless times, tried getting lawyers, and ministers of government to assist, all to no avail. A has ignored them all. Yes, ignored.

Advise from a legal luminary was that the statute of limitations to take action has passed. Hmm, how can the statute pass if A is actively pursuing the matter?

Using LL's (legal luminary) argument, then if one owes a bank for let's say a car, or mortgage, then if payments are missed, then all one has to do is ignore said bank until the 'statute runs out'.

I tell you, Trinidad really in a class of its own.