20 Dec 2007

More from Mustill

The Express reports today that the Mustill report, long overdue, is finally out. It also gave a sneak peek into the contents... Sharma and Shermie are both at fault. I am awaiting the rest to see what is said about the roles of John Jeremie, Hamel-Smith, Pa-trick, Monteil (he paid Shermie for the land) and of course, what is made of that all important dodgy land deal Shermie was involved in.

One unclear point in the article... perhaps the reporter is misleading:
After eight days of public hearings, Mustill assured that the report would be delivered before the announcement of the general election. His comment came one day before Prime Minister Patrick Manning declared November 5 as the date of the general election and, since then, efforts had been made by the tribunal members to submit its report.
This line in italics tells me that the tribunal had made some attempt to submit its report, but was somehow blocked from doing so. So, reporter error, or another conspiracy?