30 Dec 2007

Nearing the end

Hmm, another year come and gone. I am a year older... so is Punks. What have I accomplished? I haven't examined it, but somehow I feel this year wasn't was stagnant as the rest gone by.. I have a challenging and new job to look forward to, and I think I am going to do well in it.

Punks is progressing in school, and her progress is seen in her new-found confidence and maturity - and yes, I am nostalgic for the baby I am losing.

On the other hand, maturity isn't everything - I mean, in Trinidad we have a Prime Minister having a 90-year-old writing constitutions... something just isn't right about that picture. I mean, I worked with many, many older people - and none of the 90-year-olds were ever in possession of all their mental facilities. Not that I am saying Ellis Clarke is mental but hell, you'd have to be to write such a daft draft constitution.

My 0.01% hope is back; that 2008 will see less arseness (yeah, I know its not a 'proper' word, but it aptly describes the duncey behaviours) from the dunceys, and maybe some sense from the PNM government. Frankly I heard the Minister of Health is just as dumb as a duncey, but I already knew that... $100,000 a plate dinner invitations wasn't his finest idea but might be one of his better ones.

My final post for 2007 will be tomorrow... I am surprised I have posted nearly every single day since I started this blog - sometimes multiple posts in one day.

Let's see what 2008 brings.