1 Dec 2007

Paedophiles at work

I am up at 5:00 AM perusing the news and lo and behold... there are a few things indeed worthy of comment.

First my eyes caught this headline... Montrose Gov't girls called 'sexy' by workmen. For readers who do not know, Montrose Government is a primary school where the students ages range from 5 to 11 years.

This photo from the Express shows how little these girls are!

The article mentions:
a male security guard called the workmen and attempted to speak with them about harassing the schoolgirls.

"They were calling the girls sexy and whistling at them when they walked by. When the guard tried to speak with them about it they started beating him with a wrecking bar (crowbar). He ran inside his booth and locked the door, but they broke a glass window and went inside."
Now, for a man to be sexually harassing a little girl (like the one shown in the photo, an actual student of the school being taken away by her mum), he'd have to be a paedophile. I would therefore think it is very appropriate that this contractor who hired them would automatically fire them, and that their photos and names be printed in the national newspapers.

By the way, no mention of any arrest in the beating of the security guard. Can it be the dunceys don't know how to find the men? Here's a tip. Contact the principal, get the name of the contractor who is responsible for the work, go to him, get the names of all the men he sent to the school along with their addresses, and then arrest them.

But indeed our dunceys prefer to sit shining khaki and watching (or is it feeling?) their arses grow. If you read about any arrests in future, chances are someone read it here and told a duncey how to do the job. I wonder if I can claim advisory/consultant status and a fat salary?