2 Dec 2007

Praise a duncey weekend

Supt C Maharaj has opted out of a promotion in the duncey service, on the eve of his retirement, citing rampant corruption as the reason he will not accept the promotion.

Martin Joseph, Minister of National Insecurity and Trevor Paul, most senior duncey, promised an investigation. This was less than 1 month ago. The investigation was assigned to one ACP Glenroy Woodley, who might be aptly named since he was assigned 2 YEARS AGO to determine how 32 kg of cocaine disappeared from the Princes Town police station. Nothing has come of that particular investigation, hence me suggesting his name might represent his mental faculties.

So imagine my consternation to find out from the Newsday that the corruption probe is completed. Thinking I might be missing something I pondered a while... but the answers eluded me. I feel disgusted with myself; I might be coming down with symptoms of duncey syndrome.

I felt reassured when my doubts were shared though - check the analysis here.

Since it is statistically impossible for the dunceys to get it wrong ALL the time, I heartily congratulate them on the rescue of Dr Maharaj who was kidnapped in Marabella.

Is it a 'Praise a duncey' weekend?