8 Dec 2007

The question unanswered

The BBC website featured a story of how the large supermarket chains admitted to fixing the price of milk, thereby generating more profit for the culprits.
Supermarket firms Sainsbury's and Asda have admitted that they were part of a dairy price-fixing group that earned about £270m extra from shoppers.

The supermarkets, along with a number of dairy firms, have agreed to pay fines totalling some £116m after an Office of Fair Trading (OFT) probe.
The questioned unanswered is whether it is right to tief, and if this is sanctioned by the government.

Because after tiefing a whole £270 million, and getting fined £116 million, I see a clear profit of over £150 million. Not too bad a job I'd say.

So, tiefing is good if you pay back a little. Reminds me of a certain little Monkey Island, and its basketball leagues, fake wigs and lighting fixtures, and recently - trips to other islands with female army recruits....