19 Dec 2007

This festive season

I've been a bit lax, I admit, when it comes to blogging these past few days. My posts have been irregular... actually, I am quite astonished myself, that in the past 9 months or so I have found something to rant about almost daily. My blog sort of manifested itself into it's present format, mainly because I felt a personal need to get things off my chest.

In 9 months, I'm nearing 500 posts, and garnered a readership that is respectable if not spectacular... no book will come from my blog though... sigh. There goes my retirement plan.

My blogging falters at this time, not because my greys are stifled, or drowning in grog, but because I refuse to let the negativity of crime, duncey stupidity, political dotishness etc ruin my holidays for me. I am trying to keep up with the Christmas spirit and not be a Scrooge. Though I admit, there are times when I wonder at the amount we spend on presents if Scrooge didn't have some sort of advantage over us...

I noticed an alarming trend recently too. Everyone buys Christmas cards for just about everyone else.. me, I prefer to think that cards were meant for close friends and family who are still in my good graces - few that they are in both categories.

Actually, I've now started writing what I call 'occasion letters'. Instead of sending cards, I send out a personal letter, typed on my very own PC while drinking a large alcoholic drink. (^_^)

Seriously, though.. have you noticed how impersonal cards have become? And most now, in an effort to be politically correct, have stopped mentioning occasions... so 'Merry Christmas' is out... instead we have 'A joyous Festive Season'. How cool is that, eh? We cut Christ out of a holiday he inspired, meant to honour him, and celebrate his birth. Thank God for Hallmark and their Card Studio software...

Anyway, rest assured that while I may blog about more than just dunceys and political shite, I am still very much (sober and) on the ball.