24 Dec 2007

Those dunceys again

Over the past several months, I've realised that it is on very (very) rare occasions I've written anything positive on duncey police officers in Trinidad.

For whatever reason, the Trinidad and Tobago police service requires that that applicants need only 3 'O' level passes to enter into the duncey service; the same amount a person may need to pump gas at a service station, operate a lawn mower or 'brush cutter', dig drains etc. Even sales clerks in Syrian clothing stores are required to have a full '5 subjects' pass... it just occurred to me that the majority of URP and CEPEP workers can be dunceys in uniform.

Once in the duncey service, these mental midgets consistently provide me with fodder for my blog, either by their peevish and petty displays of authority, or their idiotic forays into the criminal world.

It certainly does not help that the intellectual capacity of their fellow dunceys is also minimal, so we can clearly observe the fumblings in investigating both their colleagues' transgressions as well as those of the general population.

One such instance is this article where a duncey police officer is actually caught in a getaway car... but I know he will get off anyway. After all, these dunceys stick together like lagley on pommecythere. In this case, there is even more reason - the duncey's father is also a senior duncey.

But the real catch in this story is this:.
He was questioned over the weekend about what he knows about the theft of a 9mm handgun and ammunition from his workplace last month.
Come again? If he wasn't caught red-handed as it were, then the dunceys could not tie him to the missing gun? It is only because he is caught he becomes a likely suspect? I've observed that the 'investigative skills' of dunceys is confined to cases where irrefutable proof is staring them in the face.

Given that Trinidad has over 7000 police officers, and arrests are about 5000 a year (less than 1 per duncey per year), it is small wonder that the criminals have the upper hand... hell, they're running rings around these dunceys.