3 Dec 2007

A wary eye... or where's the difference?

Following up on my self imposed pledge to keep an eye out on the Sheldon Des Vignes murder investigations, this morning I noticed a report mentioning the investigation has been completed.

Said investigation's results has not yet been released to the public, and is one I anxiously await. I know it will exonerate the dunceys, but somehow that 0.01% hope...

Another 'praise the duncey' moment, since Sheldon was shot on November 10 and the investigation is done less than 1 month later.

On the other hand, Martin Joseph has said the Special Anti-Crime Unit SAUTT will become a 'body corporate'.
"This means it would be able to autonomously contract services, own property, initiate legal proceedings, and most importantly, be accountable to other agencies.

"We intend to introduce this legislation in the Ninth Parliament.."
HUH? A crime fighting unit owning property, contracting services and initiating legal proceedings? What then the purpose of the DPP, the rest of the duncey service? And when will SAUTT find time to actually fight crime? Don't forget, SAUTT is already an illegal entity, therefore any such changes will still be illegal... but as Pa-trick's and his government's autocracy continues to bulldoze over objections, I expect no less.

Between the 'caring' government and the criminals, one wonders whether the population can see any differences.