12 Dec 2007

When transparency is not transparent

After reading this article in yesterday's Express, I thought of how corrupt this PNM government has become. The PNM, in my opinion, has not been as blatant in its corruption as the UNC was, but at the same time, for the past several decades, corruption and cronyism have run insidiously deep. There is a practice of 'stacking the deck' in its favour by the PNM, whereby cronys are appointed to key positions to facilitate the ends of whatever the 'maximum leader' dreams up. Thus we are already on course for an executive dictatorship.

The independent senators can no longer claim to be independent, nor to be impartial either. One is the sister of a known long standing politician, the other the cousin of the current Attorney General. These are close relationships, not 'pumpkin vine' as we say in Trinidad. My perception is that already the PNM is stacking the deck for possible support in its endeavours, not the least of which is that executive presidency.

There is a famous saying that justice must not only be done, but also seen to be done... in the same manner, the perception of transparency is as important as transparency itself.

I am glad to see others are thinking along the same lines; that 0.01% hope that this will not come to pass is there. however, given that the only protest is coming from the tainted UNC, I guess the citizens of Monkey Island will pass it off as 'sour grapes' and it will be as Pa-trick says....