29 Dec 2007

Who wins?

I am pretty sure that within the silent majority of my readership, there are those who think I might be unduly harsh on dunceys. After all, they work hard, are at risk from attacks (and soon an enraged public, I dare say) - the usual arguments one hears over and over.

I see them differently obviously. I see them as 'differently-abled'. Not in the politically correct way of saying that they are retarded (to use the politically incorrect term just to avoid any dubious thoughts you may have), but rather that their (limited) talents may not lie within our purview or expectations. Although personally, I have my doubts about them being retarded truthfully speaking - you may disagree here.

I see the way they shun foot patrols in the sun, instead staying within the confines of an air-conditioned station when an air-conditioned car is not available for them to roam with windows up.

I see them getting out of air-conditioned cars (the lucky ones not stuck in the stations) to cross to a bar in some hidden back road (though now they a little more bold), to have a few drinks. Remember Tota-Maharaj?

I see them making fun of women, or openly supportive of men in violent domestic relationships. I see them as being openly mocking of rape victims, adding trauma to an already scarred victim.

I see them as making excuses instead of getting some intelligence and training to investigate criminal activity. How often have you heard?
  • 'Killing gang-related' - obviously now it means they do not have to investigate... things just levelling out.
  • Police sources said they had received information in the past, alleging that X was involved in extorting money from kidnap victims' relatives, to ensure the victims were reunited safely with their family. X, police said, had also been linked to kidnappings. Hold on a minute - these things were known before X died.. why were they not acted upon, or investigated? Why is it only when a man or woman is dead that their activities are laid bare in the media?... coincidently at a time when the victim is unable to defend his/her reputations.
  • The people shot by police are always armed and open fire first. Even if they're nearly naked. Coincidence, or a great defence? Ever notice that the investigations are carried out by fellow dunceys?
The first article I linked to also reveals that despite all the criminal activity the victim was involved in, he was still awarded a government URP contract. Was he one of Pa-trick's infamous 'community leaders'?

If murders can reach 382 so far (as I type this), then what are the statistics for the crimes considered less serious, like muggings, stealing, break-ins, assault, etc? I shudder to think of the numbers.

Recently I was contemplating returning to Trinidad to set up a business... one I think might well prosper in Trinidad. And yet when I rethought the arbitrary and total randomness which crimes strike people in Trinidad, I had to reassess my position.

How does my loyalty to my country stack up against my loyalty to my family - and myself? My family won, hands down.