29 Jan 2008

Anyone believe this?

Okay, this is where I get confused.

For 3 years, 33 kgs of cocaine are missing. I mean, dey check the property room at the duncey - sorry, police station, in Princes Town, and FOR THREE YEARS, they could not find this cocaine.

Now all of a sudden it is found.

Unbelievable. As I write this, pearl necklaces are falling outa my arse.

Now, Cap'n Walker at www.anandramlogan.com did say that this will happen - people will try to disgrace C Maharaj, the superintendent who turned down a promotion due to corrupt duncey practices.

Does anyone believe the cocaine was not missing? Look, I know some dotish people will believe that, but if it was not fecking missing, why was it not brought to court?

And if it was there all along, are those people going to be re-arrested? Or will the dunceys face charges or disciplinary actions for not producing the evidence at court?

All this smells to high heaven, once again proving my assessment is correct.... dunceys really are the intellectual dregs of Monkey Island.