19 Jan 2008

As I predicted

It is nearing the end of January 2008. In November 2007, nearly 2 months ago, I predicted that some items that made the news will never see the light.

So said, so done.

Just when you think Pa-trick gave his word that Monteil will repay a stolen $110 million, no signs of any effort being made are to be seen.

Dunceys execute 4 men and kill an innocent woman in her house, and nothing came of that either.

Simon Khan, Shazard Mohammed, the basketball league is not formed but the $9M not refunded, Machel Montano not in court even (still making money from the upcoming carnival season), Shermie still on the bench - that land deal was never investigated by the way, Glenda 'booger-in-the-nose' Morean has not yet filed her asset declaration, Joel Charles killing still unsolved...

The list is long, and I am getting old... the greys don't work to remember it all. I'm thinking about documenting it all in a letter to Trevor Paul. I mean, now that he pulled these fat dunceys off sport, maybe he could find things for them to do... like investigate some of these happenings instead of sweating in air-conditioned offices all day.

Perhaps I should start a petition... you know, collect signatures from those who would like to see some action. Oh, I forget - we have dunceys inaction.