11 Jan 2008

The best of the best dunceys

Being a duncey, I hope Trevor Paul does not have too big a foot - because at the rate he puts it into his mouth, I don't want him injuring himself. It'd be such a shame if those weekly duncey jockey shorts ... sorry, I meant briefs - has to stop.
Referencing a Newsday story on the high failure rate at police exams, Paul said it points to problems emanating out of the education system.

He said he is convinced that the police recruitment policy could be enhanced, but still feels strongly that it is not the policy that is bad.

“We are now doing psychological evaluations, polygraphs, so we are doing more. The problem still remains that the people who are coming forward to be police officers, probably are not our best graduates from our schools. But who come, we are able to select the best from among those.”
How the f**k do you choose from the best dunceys??? Would Paul be one of the best of the best?