9 Jan 2008

Buying a life

Buying a life in Trinidad is now cheap, cheap, cheap. I mean, you can pay for a life with a few cartons of cigarettes and $300 as seen this morning.

Or, if you are 15 years old and slip up a bit and gamble with some friends, your life can be had for free... just some elbow grease and a cricket bat required.

These are but two examples of how cheap life has gotten, and how scant regard is paid by the powers that be, of the typical citizen. If you're not a Duprey, a Monteil, or a Browne, crapaud smoke yuh pipe!

I often think that it is only when something happens to a member of the government of a close family member that action will be taken, though I am beginning to doubt that.

Rather, I am inclined to believe that the dunceys just have not gotten the ability to think, to analyse and to accomplish.

Because I remember several upper society members who have had crime visited their doors, and still nothing has come of it. Maybe if the gambling son of a parliamentarian gets that hit someone threatened him with...?