8 Jan 2008


A long time ago (1961), Joseph Heller wrote a book about an impossible situation, one where the problem had two solutions - but neither was possible without the other.

He called it a Catch-22.

Trinidad is in a Catch-22 situation.

On the one hand, the problems such as poor health service, messy education system, corruption, crime, etc are not the concern of the general population. I wonder if the reason could be that the population is bombarded by so much negativity that people are understandably hard pressed to survive, and therefore seek only to improve the lives of themselves and their immediate families?

On the other hand, the Catch-22 comes about in that if they don't look at the larger picture and pay attention to where their choices can affect change, then things will just continue to spiral downwards, making it harder to survive.

We can blame the politicians, the duncey police, tanty and nennen all we want, but some of the responsibility lies with each and every one of us.

Unfortunately, most of us don't see it, and are stuck in this Catch-22.